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Andy Van Roon​, Film Nashville

Sara Sharpe is at the very core of vital dramatic activism, powerfully forging theatrical experiences on global issues with pure spiritual conscience.

Amanda Cantrell-Roche
co-founder, Blue Moves Dance Company

Sara Sharpe is a force. Artist, activist, leader, she draws a powerful, soulful, compassionate circle of people into her considerable gravitational pull...

Keith Martin
ARTS Action Research
Charlotte, North Carolina

It is refreshing to meet an artist/activist such as Sara Sharpe; she is a visionary who believes in the power of theatre to inform public debate about relevant social issues. In viewing events produced by Sara, we are not merely entertained, but enlightened, challenged and motivated to take social or political action. The Nashville community is blessed with her presence and is stronger because of her artistry.

Marie D.

"I am a conservative that prays for a stronger Independent party. I have many friends on both sides of the issues and we often have passionate conversations, agreeing in some areas, disagreeing in others. But like you, I believe most people want to live in harmony as they pursue happiness and seek justice for all peoples. Our world is a beautiful and diverse place which adds to the profound differences in all of us!"

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