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How's this for TRUTH GROUND ZERO?

People are sick of politics, friend.

The issues we're facing are hard, news fatigue is real, and neither presidential candidate is particularly well-liked. Furthermore, when someone says, “This could be the most consequential election of our lifetime,” we are to be forgiven for tuning that s**t out. How many times have we heard this already?

But here's the thing: As you and I well know, we in the U.S. live in two very different realities depending on which side of the political divide we inhabit. One of those realities reflects, well, reality, and the other doesn't. So, we have to get it right in November. If we don't, the consequences are real and devastating.

I think I know which side reflects reality, and you think you know. But we are going to do our dead-level best, as we go in search of Truth Ground Zero, to employ what the Buddhists call beginner’s mind. One way or another, we must wade fairly deep into some thorny issues to gather our evidence. But we’re going to wade in just enough to be sure we are armed with good information when we go to the polls in November, and not so much that we drown.

I think we can agree that tuning out is not an option. These two candidates are running neck and neck. The truth is as likely to lose in November as it is to win, which is unacceptable.

Onward we go,


PS. I run an org called STILLL/WILD ( that helps change-making and caregiving women recover from burnout. Check it out if you feel so led.

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